TensileMill CNC MINI - Compact Flat Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine

Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine


TensileMill CNC MINI - Compact Flat Tensile Test Sample Preparation is better than ever. Do not let the apparent "size" of the unit full you. This mini mill is specifically design for the ultimate flexibility in tensile specimen preparation as well as full CNC machining capabilities. Since the latest upgrades to the system, the MINI is now superior to our Classic model by virtually all parameters. You can now benefit from a smaller foot print, larger table size, higher power, and better precision & repeatability all for a lower price!

Small Footprint
Small Footprint
Perfect for Untrained CNC Machinist
Perfect for Untrained CNC Machinist
Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Solution
Super User-Friendly
Super User-Friendly
Accurate and Repeatable Results, Every Time!
Accurate and Repeatable Results, Every Time!
Free Proof of Concept
Free Proof of Concept

It has never been easier to prepare high quality tensile specimens with ease. Our TensileMill CNC MINI comes standard with a 10" LCD screen equipped with our famous Tensile Software. The machine is operated by our powerful Carbon software with a user-friendly tensile milling interface. The interface allows the operator to quickly and easily enter your desired tensile specimen size based on the parameters listed in your ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS or other industry standard. By simply entering your required measurements, the machine is ready to mill in seconds. Despite the small size of this machine, the standard 2.2kW (3hp) Water Cooling Spindle along with our designated tooling can prepare soft, hard and Inconel materials in large volumes.

TensileMill CNC Mini - Preparing Flat Tensile Specimens

TensileMill CNC MINI - Loading and Unloading Fixtures

TensileMill CNC MINI - Touch Screen Control Panel Operation

TensileMill CNC Mini - Training and Installation

TensileMill CNC MINI - Upgraded Version

Upgrade TensileMill CNC MINI - Training and Installation

TensileSoft™ showing ASTM E8 Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Drawing
ASTM E8 Flat Specimens on TensileSoft™
TensileSoft™ showing ASTM E370 Tensile Sample Preparation Drawing
ASTM A370 Flat Specimens on TensileSoft™

The tensile software interface saves and provides quick access to previously entered specimen sizes. It also includes a diverse library of preprogrammed tensile specimens allowing the operator to quickly launch a program without having to enter any measurements at all. With your new TensileMill CNC MIN - Compact Flat Tensile Sample Preparation machine you may also upgrade to our Carbon software interface, making this unit a hybrid of tensile sample and a CNC machine. Our intuitive and powerful CNC control system comes with virtually endless possibilities.

Specimen Interface


Our easy to use touch screen controller can be upgraded to a complete Carbon software. The upgrade includes a 21" touch screen with 64 Gb of storage, 4 Gb of RAM, WiFi, Ethernet, USB ports, macro B programming, 254 tool offsets, 126 work offsets, helical interpolation, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, advanced trajectory planning, cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation, and more. Along with the tensile milling software interface, Carbon also allows the operator to access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions. Our Carbon software is constantly having new features developed.


TensileMill CNC MINI is a compact high speed, machining center designed for the testing industry in mind. Although small in size, TensileMill CNC MINI is built on a heavy cast iron frame and all axes slide smoothly on linear rails. 24,000 RPM ISO20 spindle and high powered servos provide excellent machining capability.

Technical Specifications

44.5 x 42.00 x 70.0 in (1130 x 1066 x 1778mm)
Working/ Traveling Area
400mm x 400mm x 200mm ( 15.75 x 15.75 x 7.87 inch)
1500 lb (680 kg)
T-Slot Size
12mm (0.472 inch)
Unit Dimensions: Closed Door (LxWxH)
1829 x 1092 x 1321mm (72 x 43 x 44 inch)
Unit Dimensions: Open Door (LxWxH)
1829 x 1855 x 1321 mm (72 x 73 x 52 inch)
Suggested Floor Dimensions (LxWxH)
2100 x 2000mm (82.7 x 78.5 inch)
Rotating Speed of Spindle
Spindle Motor Power
2.2 KW (3hp) Water Cooling spindle
ER 20 Collet / ISO20 Optional
Servo Power
0.54 hp (400 W)
Servo Torque
566.0 oz-in (4.0 Nm)
Max Feedrate
500 ipm (12.7 m/min)
Input Voltage
220 V 1 ph
Total Power
3.3 kW (15 Amps)
Controlling Code
Tensile Soft - TensileMill interface on 10" Touch Screen Control
Full Carbon CNC Package
Upgrade Available
Machine Volume
Loudest Volume at Point of Entry 70 - 90 dB
Additional Features
Position Repeatability Accuracy 0.01mm / 0.0003"
Max Engraving Speed
10,000mm/min / 394"/min
Motor Drive Servo
Drive Mechanism
Precision Ballscrew
Tool Shank Up to 12.00mm / 0.47"
Frame Cast iron
Connection Requirements Pneumatic (optional)
TurnKey Package
Standard with Main Instrument
(1) .250" ER Collet
(1) .250" Shank Endmill
(1) Custom Tensile Clamp Fixture
Applicable for ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and EN standards
3 Axis Servo Motor
Upgrade Available
TensileMill CNC MINI is undergoing door design upgrade to improve safety standards and user-friendliness.

How does the locking and safety mechanism work with the TensileMill CNC MINI flat tensile specimen preparation machine?

The system comes with an interlock mechanism to keep the door closed during the operating proceed. As an additional safety measure during the flat tensile sample preparation procedure, the opening of the door during the operating cycle triggers an emergency stop event and the machine stops.

How do I trouble shoot the coolant pump on my TensileMill CNC MINI?

There are a number of ways to trouble shoot the coolant pump on your compact flat tensile sample preparation system. Here are some of the reasons the coolant system may be giving you a hard time:

1. Pump impeller is jammed or there is too much resistance to turning and as a result the motor is overloading. This could be due to sludge build up, corrosion from sitting, etc.

2. Wiring issue from the breaker to the pump. If a wire is abraded or there is a bad connection there could be a short that is causing the breaker to trip.

3. Internal motor issue. Not common or likely, but it is a possibility.

These are all tested for function prior to leaving our facility and during install. If it is running and pumping fluid for 10sec then I bet the issue is highly likely. Especially if it has been sitting idle for a long time. We always recommend that the belt is submerged in fluid during the periods of not running.

Contact us today to get the support that you need!

What lubricant standard with the MINI?

The MINI flat specimen preparation machines comes standard with an Way Lube system. The oil is ISO 68 equivalent way lube. Some brand suggestions include Mobil, Shell, Irving, etc. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our qualified representatives.

Can I see the TensileMill CNC Mini preparing a tensile specimen?

Absolutely! Check out our series of youtube videos demonstrating the process of preparing a tensile specimen from carbon steel blanks.
Carbon Steel Blanks
Aluminum Blanks
If you would like to see it in person, please give us a call at +1 877 672-2622 to discuss visiting our facility in Maine, USA.

What is the benefit of upgrading to the 3-Axis Servo Motor?

The 3 axis servo motor upgrade will give you a faster and more accurate axis movement for the MINI. This is an excellent upgrade for advanced CNC machining requirements.

How many tensile specimens can I prepare at any one time?

In order to pinpoint the quantity of specimens that can be prepared in one cycle, we advise that you speak with our Product Consultants to further discuss your application. Flat tensile milling quantity of samples and the time it takes to complete the machining process will depend greatly on the material type, the hardness and thickness of your material. Submit your request or call us today for additional details!

What is the largest tensile sample specimen that can be prepared with TensileMill MINI?

The largest tensile sample specimen that can be prepared with the TensileMIll CNC MINI - Compact flat tensile sample preparation machine is in accordance with the X, Y and Z travel specifications of the machine. The MINI has a working travelling area of 400mm x 400mm x 200mm (15.75 x 15.75 x 7.87 inch). These capabilities allow the MINI tensile preparation machine to prepare virtually any type of tensile samples based on the appropriate Industry standards. Learn more by contacting us today.

What differentiates the MINI from your classic TensileMill CNC model for flat tensile preparation?

The MINI and the classic models have a number of technical differences for flat tensile preparation that can be viewed in the comparison chart upon request. The main differences between the tensile sample preparation equipment can be summarized in size, volume capacity and costs. TensileMill CNC MINI is a smaller unit designed for small to medium volume of sample preparation. This flat tensile preparation machine is a more cost effective solution to the classic TensileMill CNC if used a standalone tensile sample preparation equipment. When fully upgraded, the MINI proves itself to be the ultimate cost-effective solution for flat tensile sample preparation equipment. Request a detailed quotation today to learn which flat tensile preparation machine would work best for your facility.

Can the MINI system help prepare Charpy Specimens for Impact Testing needs?

TensileMill CNC MINI can be quoted with a vise option making it possible to prepare Charpy impact specimens with standard or sub size dimensions. It is worth noting that an experienced operator would be necessary for the job.

TensileMill CNC MINI

What type of recirculating fluid is required for the MINI?

The MINI is equipped with an internal recirculating fluid chamber. The fluid needs to be changed when it starts to produce a foul odour. This usually starts happening after 6-12 months. Generally speaking, the spindle cooling fluid only needs to be changed once a year and the cutting fluid needs to be topped off when it gets low.

What is the Tool Touch Off Process for the TensileMill CNC MINI?

The tool touch of process for the MINI - flat tensile sample preparation equipment can be found in our technical manual. Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Make sure the tool is not projecting more than 1" out of the end of the collet.
  2. Place your 0.750" gage block on the aluminum baseplate, I like to put it near center-ish.
  3. Move the tool into position above the gage block, then Z down until the tip of the tool is just touching the top of the gage block. Don't crush the tool, never move down with the block under the tool.
  4. Ensure the "Gage Block Height" DRO is set to 0.750, and the tool number is set to 3. (See the photo below).
  5. Press the "Set Z" button.
  6. Record the value shown in the status bar and send it to me please.
  7. Raise the Z axis to a safe height and remove the gage block.
  8. Run a test cycle to verify the height was set correctly.
    Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Touch Off Tool

What type of service and support can I expect for the Flat Tensile Sample Preparation systems?

TensileMill CNC Inc. prides itself in a combination of fast and effective communication designed to help our clients resolve their technical issues related to their flat tensile sample preparation systems immediately. Our trained CNC consultants and tried-and-tested team of application engineers will help address virtually any technical and application questions that you may have for the system. Submit your technical requests today to get the help that you deserve.

What are the benefits of upgrading to ISO 20 Spindle?

The standard spindle on the MINI is 1.5kw - 2hP. If you have tougher material applications for tensile sample preparation, the upgraded spindle is the optimal choice for you. The upgrade provides you with a 2.2kw - 3hP option. This preserves the life of your machine for many years to come when milling tough materials.

What is the best lead time for TensileMill MINI - tensile preparation machine?

At the current moment, the TensileMill MINI tensile preparation machine has been sweeping the market off its feet. The vast volume of orders we had received over the last number of weeks is slowing down the production times. Contact us today for your tensile preparation needs to find out how fast we can have the MINI shipped to your facility.

What is included as a part of the custom fixture solution for flat tensile sample preparation?

Each custom flat tensile preparation fixture for the TensileMill CNC MINI model consists of a base with 3 clamping stations. The clamps will be supplied based on your specimen dimensions testing requirements. Our clients will receive 4" (subsize) 8" (regular) and 12" (large) clamps as needed. Generally the clamps should be in 3s, 3 clamps of the same size per fixture. A pair of centering blocks is needed per fixture, standard size for the standard and long clamps and a subsize pair for subsize clamps. The custom fixture solution is a part of our Turnkey Package Advantage and is supplied at no additional cost with your purchase of the TensileMill CNC MINI system. Request quotation today to learn more.

How Do I Find the Optimal Speed and Feed Rate for Tensile Specimens of a Specific Material?

Finding the optimal speed and feed rates for a given material sometimes requires a little bit of trial and error. It is of course important to use the correct endmills compatible with your materials. With that said, this process will not be all too time consuming. One of the unique benefits offered by TensileMill CNC Inc. is for our clients to send their specimens to us for a free tensile dog bone preparation. When our engineers are preparing your specimens, a lot of the times we are able to identify the correct speed and feed rate on the 2nd or 3rd cycle run. Once the tensile specimens are prepared, our technical engineers will offer our best recommendations for you. Additionally, we cover the speed and feed rate optimization during the training and installation process to guarantee that your tensile specimens are prepared perfectly every time.

What are the voltage tolerances for the TensileMill CNC MINI?

The MINI tensile sample preparation machine has a voltage tolerance of 200-240V. The system should not be stepped down to 110v. It is below the system?s voltage cut-off for most of the components and therefore the machine will not run with a 110v input.

What spare parts are required for the MINI, where can I get them, and how soon will they come?

The end mills range from $30.00 - $85.00 and can be ordered here with TensileMill CNC. After a couple years of rigorous use it is possible that the spindle may require replacement. We have seen them run for as many as 14 years and as little as 6 years in a heavier production environments before this happens. The spindle's replacement cost is around $1,400.00. The part is subject to a short lead time and can be ordered via TensileMill CNC Inc.

Most spare parts and consumables are available in-house or can be delivered within a few short weeks. Contact us today or submit your request on-line.

What is the standard clamping fixture that comes with the MINI for tensile sample preparation?

Though compact, the MINI sample preparation machine comes standard with a triple sample fixture. This fixture is designed to maximize production efficiency and minimize operator involvement time. It allows to stack 3x the samples (or sample stacks). By clicking a pre-set setting in the software, the operator can get he machine started and move on to other projects while the samples are being prepared only to come back to accurate tensile specimens.

Standard Tensile Specimen Preparation Clamping Fixture

How thick can the starting blanks be on the standard triple sample fixture?

It is advised that the thickness of the starting blanks should always be close to net size. That said, each one of the 3 clamping fixtures can comfortably accommodate blank widths of 1.5" (38mm). Should your sample be wider, please consult our engineering staff to the get the optimal solution for the milling process.

What type of receptacle would be recommended for the MINI flat tensile sample preparation machine?

TensileMill CNC MINI requires a 3 prong, 20A receptacle. You will simply need to plug the receptacle or you can hardwire to a disconnect.

Contact us today to learn more

What is the proper use for TensileMill CNC MINI in our laboratory when it comes to tensile sample preparation equipment?

Any laboratory that has a lower quantity of tensile sample preparation needs (5-45) samples per day will draw high value for our TensileMill CNC MINI. This compact, yet robust, tensile milling CNC unit is capable of handling various types of metal and composite materials. Its state-of-the-art design and an attractive price point will be sure to fit your laboratories budget. The unit is equipment with our tensile software interface allowing you to experience the ease of use that the larger machines offer. Additional CNC machining requirements can also be met with the MINI by upgrading to our full Mach4 Carbon package. All and all, tensile preparation is made easy with your TensileMill CNC MINI. Request a quote today.

Can I use TensileMill CNC MINI to Prepare Tensile Specimens from Sheets of Metal or Other Materials?

Our TensileMill CNC MINI and all other flat tensile specimen preparation systems are capable of preparing tensile specimens from strips and from sheets. In efforts to save additional time for sample preparation, preparing tensile dog bones from sheets is an excellent and a time effective strategy. Whether you prepare specimens from strip or prefer to prepare specimens from sheets, we got you covered. Please refer to the two options below:

Option 1:
You may cut the starting tensile specimen blanks into strips and load them into our Triple Clamping Fixture that comes standard with the unit. This works great if you have no problems cutting the specimens down to 2" thickness (or less). You would then be able to load up to 0.5? thickness worth of specimens per clamp and prepare them all in one cycle.


Option 2:

You may be cutting the tensile specimens from your sheet materials directly. All standard quotations include our custom clamping fixture set up that will allow you to cut your tensile dog bones from the top of the sheets. This way you can program to prepare a few specimens from a sheet in one cycle go. The amount of specimens will depend on the size of your sheet.

The primary difference between cutting from strips vs. cutting from sheets is the way the cut is made. For strips, the cuts are made from the side of the specimens. For sheets, the cuts are made from the top of the sheet first and then the outline of the specimen is created.

Should you prefer to prepare specimens from sheets, simply let our technical team know what sheet dimensions you would like to use.

What are the space requirements to consider when installation the MINI for flat tensile specimen preparation needs?

The physical size of the unit is approximately 48.00 (W) x 48.00 (D) x 75.00" (H). It is worth noting that the controller goes on the left hand side and requires additional space of 12-14". Be sure to account for safe distance to the back wall based on your facilities safety requirements. Should you have an specific space requirements in your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us to get the optimal suggestion.

What are the common consumables for the MINI and where can I get them?

The MINI comes standard with a recommended end-mill for your material application. Softer materials require different end mill bits than the harder materials. Our engineers provide the best recommendation based on the type and hardness of the material that you will be milling and the overall milling volume.

All end-mills are designed and manufactured uniquely for tensile sample preparation needs. As a result, the longevity of each unit is superior to any comparable end mill on the market.

The average cost of end-mills between $35.00 - $80.00 / bit. Bulk options are available to save you more. You may purchase the bits directly from TensileMill CNC by requesting a quote today.

The tooling fixtures, provided properly maintained, are designed to last for decades to come. Our engineers will train your operators on preventative maintenance during the 1 day training and installation. Additional preventative maintenance instructions are provided with the manual of the equipment.

Can I upgrade to the full carbon CNC software package with the TensileMill MINI?

Absolutely. When you request a quotation from TensileMill CNC, you will receive an option for Software upgrade for the MINI allowing it to operate both as a Tensile Sample Preparation Machine as well as a CNC capable machine.

What type of coolant comes standard with the MINI flat specimen preparation machine?

TensileMIll CNC MINI comes standard with a 10 gallon recirculating water based coolant. The coolant is formulated based on the specific materials being cut. We recommend the following brands for tensile specimen preparation and other CNC machining requirements: Cim Cool, Hocut, and Blaser.

MINI flat specimen preparation machine
Type Coolant Pump/Motor
Tank Capacity (Gal.) 10
Motor Power (HP) 1/8
Tank/Unit Height (Inch) 16
Tank/Unit Length (Inch) 24
Tank/Unit Width (Inch) 9 3/4
Motor Speed (RPM) 1500
Input Voltage 115/230

Is there any burr that I should worry about after the Tensile Sample Preparation system runs the cutting cycle?

There are a number of factors that determine whether your material may have some burr after the tensile sample preparation system completes the cutting cycle. The factors include type of materials, condition of tooling, feed, speed, etc. Based on our experience, the burr ranges can be significantly reduced or eliminated by applying the right combination of feed/speed rate and the proper tooling. TensileMill supplies our clients with a starter pack of tooling for the optimal burr proof results.

Should burr be inevitable, there are additional options to deburr your tensile specimens to be prepared for tensile testing. These options include including files, knives, deburring tools, tubing, grinders, flap wheels, abrasive pads, and more. Learn more by requesting a quote or contacting our CNC consultants today.

What Type of Tensile Specimen Dimensions does the TensileSoft™ Allow to Prepare?

Our TensileSoft™ allows to prepare both regular (standard) and the tapered edge tensile specimens with a push of a button. A number of our clients who prepare tensile dog bones according to ASTM and ISO standards as for a tapered edge finish. An example of tapered edge specimens would be certain figures of ISO 527 and ASTM D638. These are demonstrated below:



TensileMill CNC MINI is capable of easily preparing such specimens within a 0.5? thickness. Learn more by requesting a free quote or contacting us today.

How do you setup and operate the TensileMill Mini?

We like to make the process of setup and training as easy as possible! While we offer onsite installation and training for your team, we also have put together some videos to demonstrate the full process from start to finish! Don?t have money in your budget for training? Check out the links below:

How to use your TensileMill CNC MINI: https://youtu.be/KXEHxwTJX6I

Loading and Unloading the TensileMill CNC Mini: https://youtu.be/NL8-L8Mznxk

Control Panel Operation: https://youtu.be/vLTGg8jNYEg

Have more questions on operating your TensileMill CNC? Contact us today via our support page here.

How does the safety feature of the locking mechanism work on the TensileMill CNC MINI?

When the unit is locked during the tensile sample preparation cycle, the system will generate an E-stop if the door is opened. The newer models may come with a latch design to prevent the operators from being able to open the doors during the sample preparation process.

What comes standard with a unit's turnkey package for the MINI?

The MINI comes standard with a base triple-position clamping fixture. The base fixtures comes with 1 size clamp for each position. This allows the user to mill a minimum of 3 samples at any one given time. The turnkey solution accounts for starting samples of up to 12" in length. Custom solutions are available.

Additionally to the base fixture and the clamping fixtures, the unit comes with the material appropriate ER Collet and Endmill for long term machine use.

Additional base fixtures, clamping fixtures, and endmills can be ordered at any time by submitting request.

Can I stack samples for fast tensile sample preparation?

Stacking samples is the perfect way to expedite your tensile sample preparation. TensileMill CNC offers a standard clamping device for your stacking needs which allows for fast tensile sample preparation for virtually any material. The clamping device allows you to stack samples up to 1" in thickness. The specimens are firmly held in place, allowing the machine to run its mill until the perfect tensile samples are produced. Specialty clamps are available based on your unique specimen needs. Learn more about fast tensile sample preparation or request quote.

What are the connection requirements and set up requirements for the installation of the TensileMill CNC MINI?

TensileMill CNC MINI has the following requirements:

  • 220V power supply
  • 15 Amp

The unit comes standard with a re-circulating coolant and way lube systems. No special connections required. Optional pneumatic connection.

This is a floor standing system that can be installed based on your preference. As an option, we suggest to have the machine be slightly tilted towards the right front side for more efficient fluid circulation.

This is an enclosed unit with an open roof concept. A hood range may be placed over the unit based on your needs, however it is not mandatory. Typically, chips and dust can be maintained well within the system without the need of physical cover.

What upgrades are available for the MINI CNC milling machine?

The MINI can be enhanced with our Turnkey Package including an ER collet, shank endmill, and a custom fixture. Full Carbon CNC Package that allows the MINI to operate as an advanced CNC machine for advanced applications. The spindle can be upgraded to a 2.2kW ISO20 holder allowing the machine to cut through thicker samples with no sweat. Last but not least, the 3 axis servo motor upgrade allows for a faster and even higher accuracy and precision for your CNC machining needs.

If you've been waiting for a reason to improve your systems, this is it. The TensileMill MINI is not only the leading tensile test specimen preparation unit on the market, it's one your lab will benefit from for years to come. Contact us today to find out more about what the MINI can do for you.

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