TensileTurn CNC – Round Specimen Preparation

Find the Optimal Round Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

Struggling with effective round tensile sample preparation? Round tensile test specimen preparation is made easy with our line up of easy-to-use, fast and precise lathes for round tensile preparation. Turning round, square or irregular stock is no problem for these robust round tensile sample preparation machines. Each CNC for round sample preparation comes standard with user-friendly software and other components for your long-term operational needs. Our lathes are designated CNC for round tensile specimen preparation, however can also be used for standard CNC machining needs. Make your round tensile sample preparation the easiest part of your day with TensileMill's line up equipment.

TensileTurn CNC specimen interface

TensileTurn CNC - Round Specimen Preparation

This classic tensile sample preparation machine is designed to accommodate round tensile specimen requirements from both round and square stocks as well as other CNC machining requirements. The standard tensile software included with the unit allows for round tensile milling results in seconds with a push of a button. This industrial, user-friendly machine can accommodate medium to large volume of daily round tensile or other round CNC requirements. TensileTurn CNC is an ideal solution for medium to larger size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

TensileMill CNC Industrial Upgrade is the ultimate solution for preparing tougher, larger and higher volumes of materials for tensile sample preparation needs.

TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade – Round Tensile Sample Preparation Machine

The Industrial Upgrade model is a substantial step up from our Classic system. It offers the ability to accommodate larger starting blank sizes, tougher materials, irregular shapes, higher specimen preparation volumes, automatic center drilling and other unique functions required for the simplest and most accurate round tensile sample preparation. This system comes standard with a granite frame for added stability and the shock absorption for maximum sample preparation accuracy and longer system life-span. Though the Industrial Upgrade system is extraordinary for tensile specimen preparation needs, it is also capable of full range of CNC machining capabilities.

TensileTurn CNC XL specimen interface

TensileTurn CNC XL - Heavy Duty Round Specimen Preparation

TensileTurn CNC XL is the upgraded version of our TensileTurn CNC classic unit. This powerful lathe is capable of turning round, square and irregular stock of tougher materials in the marketplace. The machine comes equipped with a robust tooling fixture, precision tailstock, and a high powered spindle. TensileTurn CNC XL is no doubt the ultimate round tensile test sample preparation machine capable of both tensile specimen preparation and advanced CNC machining. The unit is capable of meeting high capacity and high quantity output requirements for medium to large size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


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