TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade - Round Tensile Sample Preparation Machine

Compact Round Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine


The TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade Model is a conveniently sized automatic CNC lathe for industrial use designed to prepare accurate round tensile specimens to achieve the highest accuracy in tensile results. The system features touch screen tensile milling interface to allow any operator, with or without machining experience, to quickly prepare tensile specimens as per your desired size. By simply selecting a common tensile size from our library of common standards (ASTM, ISO, DIN, etc.) or by entering your own dimensions on the touch screen numerical keypad, TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade Model is ready to machine a wide range of materials, starting specimens blanks with various finishes and automation capabilities, such as automatic center drilling function.

Small Footprint
Small Footprint
Perfect for Untrained CNC Machinist
Perfect for Untrained CNC Machinist
Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Solution
Super User-Friendly
Super User-Friendly
Accurate and Repeatable Results, Every Time!
Accurate and Repeatable Results, Every Time!
Free Proof of Concept
Free Proof of Concept

Specimen Preparation CNC Machine

TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade Model is the upgraded version of our Classic system. The system is industry leading, user-friendly round tensile sample preparation machine featuring our state-of-the-art TensileSoft and a complete Carbon software which allows the more experience operators to program the system for universal applications for cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing or turning.

TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade Model can prepare standard round tensile specimens, sub-size specimens, threaded tensile specimens, button-head tensile bars, fatigue specimens and other round testing specimens. The operator is only required to simply load the machine with either round, square or irregular stock.

This machine allows your laboratory personnel to bypass any wait times with your machining center and prepare their own tensile specimens ready for testing in a matter of minutes. The production of high quality tensile specimens combined with ease of use is what sets the TensileTurn CNC apart. It enables the rapid turning of precisely measured round and button head specimens for superior tensile testing results.

TensileSoft™ showing ASTM E8 for Round Tensile Sample Preparation Drawing
ASTM E8 Round Specimens on TensileSoft™


  • Granite frame and balls crews - robust and shock absorbent frame offering a stable foundation for industrial grade high speed machining
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • 3500 RPM 2 HP (1.5kW) Motor
  • 8 position turret, 1/2" shank OD tools
  • 4 Boring tool holders, 3/4" shank
  • Servos: FANUC Bis 0.5 Servo
  • Center drilling automation


Our easy to use touch screen controller is equipped with our complete Carbon software. Our control systems include 2Mb of storage, Ethernet, USB ports, macro B programming, 16 tool offsets, 6 work offsets, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, turning CAN cycles, cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation, and more. Along with the tensile milling software interface, Carbon also allows the operator to access the FANUC Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions. Our Carbon software is constantly having new features developed, and every TensileMill CNC system includes updates at no additional cost.


TensileTurn Industrial Upgrade v. 2022

TensileTurn Industrial Upgrade Original

Complete Round Tensile Sample Preparation Procedure

Preparing Titanium Alloy

Preparing Aluminum Alloy

Preparing Threaded End Specimens

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Swing Over Bed Ø8" Ø203mm
Center Width 9" 228mm
Spindle Bore Ø1" Ø26mm
Spindle Speed Range (rpm) 50-3500
Lathe Chuck Ø4" Ø101mm
Tool Changer Type Electric
Number of Tool Position 8 with ½" shank external tools
Tool Holder 4 Boring Tool Holders, ¾" Shank
Max Section of Tool 0.5" x 0.5" 12.7mm x 12.7mm
X Travel 7.09" 180mm
Z Travel 8.85" 225mm
X Axis Speed 600in/min 15m/min
Z Axis Speed 600in/min 15m/min
Position Accuracy ±0.0002" ±0.005mm
Tailstock Taper MT2
Tank Capacity 10Gal / 38L
Total Connection 3.2KW
Servo Motor FANUC Bis 0.5 350W AC
Main Motor Power 1.4KW / 2HP
Main Motor (rpm) 3500
Coolant Pump Power 1/8 HP
Power Requirements 220V VAC 20A
Weight 800 lbs. 362 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 43.8" x 26" x 42.5" 1.1m x 0.66m x 1.1m

What is the surface finish of the various materials that is offered by the TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade model?

The surface finish specifications are typical of a high quality CNC turning center. In the great majority of cases, the results are 63 Ra or better. There are a number of factors to consider when evaluation a surface finish. For peace of mind, it is suggested to send your samples to TensileMill CNC for our free sample preparation service. Learn more.

What are the optimal dimensions of the starting blank stock for the Industrial Upgrade tensile sample preparation system?

The Industrial Upgrade system provide the optimal output when a section of the starting blank material is in the chuck and the other end is supported by the tailstock. It is important to have enough material to hold onto by the chuck. We recommend about 1/2 - ¾" length. We especially recommend a little extra length for threaded end specimens.

Round Stock:
If you are working with round starting blanks for tensile sample preparation, the system can accommodate specimens up to 4" diameter and 12" length.

Square Stock:
If you are preparing starting blanks from square stock, the system can accommodate 1 x 1 by 12" dimensions. Additionally, our square chuck can comfortably hold on to specimens that are not 100% square. Minor deviations typically occur when an operator cuts a large sample on a band saw without precision instruments. In efforts to guarantee that our systems are the right fit for you, we always encourage our clients to send their samples to us to be prepared to give you the ultimate peace of mind. This service is completely free.

Irregular Stock:
Should your specimens have an irregular stock shape, we would require a picture to provide a custom solution to meet your short- and long-term tensile sample preparation needs. Contact us today to learn more.

What is the chip removal procedure for the TensileTurn CNC Industrial Upgrade model?

The chip removal procedure for the Industrial Upgrade tensile sample preparation machine is quite simple.
Estop the machine -> Open the door -> Remove the chips.

Safety Note:
Please wear proper personal protective equipment for handling machining chips.

Do you supply benches for your TensileTurn Industrial Upgrade Models? What are the bench dimensions?

Your bench is typically found in the optional accessory section on your Round Tensile Sample Preparation System quotation.

The bench weights 248lbs (113kg) and has dimensions of (WxDxH) 48x42x38" (122 x 107 x 97cm).

What type of fixtures / holders would I need for the system?

Fixtures and holders greatly depend on the type and symmetry of the materials of the starting blanks for your tensile sample preparation. Lathe systems have a wide variety of options available for your tensile specimens. By providing the types of materials that you are looking to prepare, our qualified CNC consultants will help recommend and supply the precise consumables for the job.

One of the values offered by TensileMill CNC is the ability to prepare your tensile specimens before making a financial investment into our systems. At that point, our production engineering team will be able to turn your samples and offer their best recommendations as to which inserts and fixtures will fit the bill. This service is offered at no cost to our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

What types of Industry Standards can the system prepare my material stock to?

TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade is fully equipped with our TensileSoft™ which allows to easily and accurately prepare most all types of tensile dog bone standards. With a push a of a few buttons, you will be able to prepare ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS standards accurately and repeatably, without any further machining requirements. The smooth surface finish and the dimensional symmetry will always be within your required standard therefore readily available for your for tensile testing machine operations.

What are the ongoing costs for machine maintenance, consumables and spare parts?

Software Support and Spare Parts:
One of the unique values offered by TensileMill CNC Inc is that all of TensileMill CNC machines are designed to be easy and cheap to maintain. The spare parts primarily refer to consumables (inserts and fixtures) and these are virtually always in stock. We will supply you with an adequate amount to start with and normally throw in a few extras as promotions. Alternatively, you may buy them elsewhere, because they are non-proprietary. The only benefit of purchasing with TensileMill is that we know the ones we supply will last you longer and do a better job.

Above all, you will not have to worry about any unforeseen expenses associated with Software because all software upgrades are free for life.

Machine Maintenance
The units come standard with an operational manual to help with your maintenance schedule. The unit is very typical and requires very low maintenance. Our standard recommendation is to run the machine every couple of days.

The TensileTurn systems have the following consumables:

  • Fixtures and Inserts:
    The unit comes standard with all the fixtures and inserts required for your specific types of material. This is part of our Turnkey Package with the main system. Additional inserts and fixtures are typically provided in the BONUS section of the quotation.
  • Coolant:
    The system comes standard with a recirculating water based coolant system. It is a water based coolant formulated based on the specific materials being cut. We recommend the following brands for tensile specimen preparation and other CNC machining requirements: Cim Cool, Hocut, and Blaser. All can be purchased locally.

What installation & training services are available to us?

TensileMill offers a 1 day standard installation & training session for our clients. Due to the nature of the lathe systems for tensile sample preparation, we recommend at least one day to ensure that all operators are fully immersed in the use of the TensileSoft™ - our tensile sample preparation software, for the easiest, and most effective results. TensileMill CNC Inc. is all about on-going improvement and therefore savings for our clients. Training and installation videos may be requested to identify if a formal training would still be required. In our best experience, CNC machinists with moderate to advance experience do not require formal training and installation. They can get away with a remote session over Skype or even a phone call. Learn more by connecting with our CNC consultants today for the optimal solution for your training and installation needs.

What are some fundamental maintenance tips for optimizing the life-span of our round tensile sample preparation machine?

All TensileMill machines are designed with ease-of-use and ease-of-maintenance in mind. By keeping the machine clean, checking and adding fluids as necessary and running the system consistently, you will maximize the life cycle of your system. Contact us today to learn more.

What is the TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade's model footprint?

TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade model offers an ultra-compact footprint compared to any industrial grade CNC machining equipment. The state of the art design backed up with a super-shock absorbent granite frame allows the system to take on a "real beating" while offering the optimal solution for round, square and irregular tensile specimen preparation needs for a full range of metal materials up to 55 HRC hardness. The overall system dimensions are 43.8" x 26.7" x 39" (1112 x 678 x 991 mm) weighing only 810 lbs. (368.2 kg)

The coolant tank is not part of a foot print, but can fit under the working table which preserves space. The work table is supplied as an optional accessory with the quotation for the rought tensile sample preparation system. Get a quote today.

Can we send our specimens to your facility to be prepared for us to make sure the system can meet our specific needs?

Sending your specimens to our facility for proper tensile sample preparation is one of the best ways to get the peace of mind that you are hoping for. It is our goal to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with our system. We will take the before and after photos of your specimens; we will create a video of the process to prepare your specimens; and we will send the prepared tensile samples back to your facility for quality inspection. The best part is this service is absolutely free for you! Contact us today to learn more.

What is the accuracy & repeatability of your system?

The accuracy & repeatability for the Industrial Upgrade round tensile specimen preparation model is 0.0003". Due to the latest upgrades, this number will improve, guaranteeing that your tensile dog bones will be prepared to virtually any global industry standard.

What are the standard connecting requirements for the TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade model for round tensile sample preparation?

The standard requirements are 220V 1ph VAC 20A. The additional requirement for this round specimen preparation machine is air for the tailstock of 90 psi.

How simple is it to use the TensileTurn system for a non-experienced CNC machinist?

TensileMill's systems are designed to deliver the optimal solution for easy, user-friendly, as well as accurate & repeatable tensile sample preparation equipment. Of course, the operators should always have at least basic knowledge of lathe operations in order to avoid making costly mistakes associated with operating a lathe system.

Our recommendation is a minimum of 1 day training for the TensileTurn CNC systems. This training will allow the operators to know how to apply the CNC lathe to easily prepare their tensile dog bones. They will learn how to use our library of common standards, prepare round, square or irregular starting blanks, input new specimens dimensions into our user-friendly software and much more. Learn more by speaking with our qualified CNC consultants.

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