Threaded Tensile Specimens: Easy Preparation with TensileTurn CNC

Threaded Tensile Specimens: Easy Preparation with TensileTurn CNC

2019-10-09 00:12:56
TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade - Round Specimen Preparation System

One of the advantages of having a tensile sample preparation machine is that you can prepare samples for tensile testing more quickly and more accurately. That is why most tensile testing labs also have various types of tensile specimen preparation lathe for preparing different types of tensile specimen.

Threaded round tensile specimens, in particular, are processed using a tensile lathe designed for round tensile specimen preparation like the TensileTurn CNC. The following post highlights how easy round tensile specimen preparation can be using the TensileTurn CNC machine.

What Is TensileTurn CNC?

TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade Model is a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine for round tensile specimens. It is used for accurate preparation of round tensile specimens through a series of universal applications like:

  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Sanding
  • Turning
  • Facing
  • Knurling

It can prepare different types of round tensile specimens like standard, sub-size, threaded, button-head bars, fatigue specimens and others. It can also process round, square and irregular specimen stocks.

TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade Model machine's main features include the following:

  • 2.2 KW motor
  • 3-jaw universal chuck (manual)
  • Tailstock center
  • 25-liter Coolant tank
  • Stock capacity of up to 1 inche in diameter and 6 inches in length – (upgrades available)

There's also a list of optional accessories that can be purchased with the machine. These accessories can be useful in handling irregular stocks or preparing custom specimens.

Threaded Tensile Specimens: Easy Preparation with TensileTurn CNC

Like any CNC lathe for tensile specimens, TensileTurn CNC is equipped with a controller that configures the preparation process. TensileTurn CNC's touch screen controller operates with the Carbon Software, which enables the operator to perform universal applications easily and more accurately.

TensileTurn CNC's control system has the following features:

  • Storage capacity of 64 GB
  • RAM capacity of 4 GB
  • USB ports
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Macro B programming
  • 126 work offsets
  • 254 tool offsets
  • Helical interpolation

Aside from these, the Carbon Software's interface can also configure functions such as drilling canned cycles, advanced trajectory planning, scaling and mirroring, dual mode cutter compensation, etc. The operator can also access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software for professional functions and applications of the CNC control system.

TensileTurn CNC also comes with a library of Common Standards. Though commonly used for round tensile specimen preparation for ASTM E8 standard, TensileTurn CNC is pre-programmed for other standards such as ISO, DIN and JIS standards. This library can also be updated and changed as necessary.

How Do You Operate the TensileTurn CNC?

The TensileTurn CNC is designed for easy operation. That's why it can be run by both experienced and inexperienced machine operators.

Using the touch screen control system, any operator can run the CNC machine by entering the prescribed dimensions or by selecting from the library of common standards. Once the machine is loaded with the specimen stock and the dimensions are set, the program will automatically initiate the operation.

Professional operators can perform custom specimens with the use of the Carbon Software where the machine can be configured or programmed to perform custom professional functions or combinations of these functions.

Threaded Tensile Specimens: Easy Preparation with TensileTurn CNC

How Do You Prepare Threaded Round Tensile Specimens Using TensileTurn CNC?

Before, a round tensile specimen preparation supplier or machining center is used for processing threaded specimens. Now, many CNC lathes like the TensileTurn CNC can prepare threaded round tensile specimens. This allows tensile testers to skip waiting for their specimens to arrive and prepare them on their own.

To prepare a threaded round tensile specimen using the TensileTurn CNC, simply select the standard or option for threaded specimens and enter the prescribed or preferred thread size. The program will automatically process the specimen according to the set configuration.

The operator only needs to plan ahead by considering and measuring the size of the specimen stock and the size of the threaded grips of the tensile tester.

The thread size on the tensile specimen should match the thread size of the tensile tester's grips. That is, the diameter and length of the specimen's threaded shoulders should fit perfectly into the tester machine's threaded grip.

Since most tensile testers operate based on common standards, most threaded specimens can be prepared using the pre-programmed settings from the CNC software's library. Usually, the operator will only need to select from a list of options, and they won't have to enter custom values.

What are the Benefits of Using Your Own CNC Machine to Prepare Round Tensile Specimens?

As mentioned before, tensile testing labs used to depend on a round tensile specimen preparation manufacturer, supplier or machining center to prepare round tensile specimens. Although the resulting specimen samples are made with professional quality, the downside to this is the long waiting time.

It takes time for a machining center to process standard and custom orders before the actual preparation. And after the specimens are actually prepared, it will take more time to do quality checks before delivery.

By using your own CNC lathe, you can eliminate the waiting part and speed up your operations. Plus, you get these other benefits:

  • You save more money on the preparation process.
  • You can control and oversee the preparation process.
  • You can perform custom operations with less complication.
  • You can redo failed specimens immediately—no need to send it back to the machining center and wait again.
  • You can increase your operation's profitability by speeding up the process.


By using a CNC lathe like the TensileTurn CNC for round tensile specimen preparation, you can prepare button heads or threaded specimens and other round tensile specimens in quick, easy steps. You can also ensure the accuracy and quality of the resulting specimen samples because you can personally configure the operational settings. Request quotation today to learn if the TensileTurn CNC system is the right fit for you.

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