AML Instruments and TensileMIll CNC Inc. Strategic Partnership

AML Instruments and TensileMIll CNC Inc. Strategic Partnership

2019-02-04 20:57:15

AML Instruments and TensileMill CNC Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Up Their Game in the Tensile Testing Industry.

ENGLAND, October 2018 – AML Instruments and TensileMill CNC Inc. announces their collaboration to streamline high-quality tensile testing equipment and tensile specimen preparation machines. The companies have joined forces to address the tensile testing needs of the UK market.

The partnership is a strategic one for the company giants. It will maximize the companies’ ability for tensile testing production. Specifically, the companies will work together to help their clientele both prepare and test metal and composite materials. They will now be able to offer both tensile specimen preparation equipment and tensile testing machines in the UK market.

Since the start of their operations, both AML Instruments and TensileMill CNC Inc. have been successful in the marketing and manufacturing industries. They boast of achievements that make them worthy of recognition in their respective field.

Two Giants

AML Instruments is a leading manufacturer of tensile testing equipment. It is a family-owned company that has been in the industry for more than thirty years. AML Instruments specialises in calibration, repair services, and tensile testing machines. It extends its services not only in the United Kingdom but to the whole of Europe as well.

The company prides itself in providing consistent and outstanding customer care and services. Its amiable engineers are hands-on in providing help to its clients. Their engineers assist clients in their initial inquiries. They also give support during installation and training of newly-acquired tensile testing machines.

AML Instruments manufactures tensile testing machines, both electromechanical and servo hydraulic. These machines have force ranging from 1 kiloNewton (kN) to 2,000 kN. Moreover, the company has an extensive range of grips, fixtures, and specimen preparations.

AML Instruments is also known for designing and manufacturing custom solutions. These solutions are specifically made to cater to the needs of some of their clients. These are for clients who have their own specifications for their tensile testing equipment.

AML Instruments also supplies universal tensile testers. Aside from the universal testing machines it produces, it also manufactures tensile testers like Charpy impact testers. Among its other products are environmental test chambers, oven, and furnaces.

In 2014, the AML Instruments was appointed as UK’s official agent for the Acquidata Inc. Acquidata Inc. is a systems engineering and software company. This affirms the reliability and high quality of products that AML Instruments manufactures. Aside from the machines, this company also supplies the latest software used in testing.

This family-run company has earned a reputation worldwide. Its success comes from its wide range of products and services as well as its global reach.

On the other hand, TensileMill CNC Inc. is a company that manufactures CNC machine for tensile sample preparation. It produces a variety of small and large high-speed machines. These machines are used for tensile specimen preparation for precise tensile testing results.

The CNC machines they produce are carefully designed to prepare flat and round tensile specimens. The classic Flat Specimen Preparation accommodates medium to large volumes of flat tensile. This CNC for tensile specimen preparation is used in large laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Meanwhile, the Round Specimen Preparation, processes round tensile specimens. It can also hold medium to large volumes for tensile sample preparations.

TensileMill CNC Inc. is known for its user-friendly tensile software interface. Any user does not need technical background to operate the machine. He can control the machine by clicking a few buttons. The process starts with the user preparing the tensile specimen according to his desired size. After the preliminary steps are done, the machining process starts.

The machines for tensile specimen preparation can be used in the comfort of every consumer’s facility. There is no need for an expert to operate the machine.

The tensile sample preparation is not limited to one specimen. It allows multiple specimens to be processed all at the same time. Despite its ability to work with huge volumes, the process runs only for a few minutes. This makes TensileMill CNC machines for sample preparation the fastest in the industry.

With the two companies together, the future of tensile sample preparation looks promising.

Synergy of Products and Services

The AML Instruments has been in the industry for decades. It has built a name for itself through its outstanding customer services. It has been known for its competitive prices, most especially, its effective products. Its experience in the marketing industry makes it a good partner for TensileMill CNC Inc.

TensileMill also has its fair share of achievements in its own field. The merger of the two giants is definitely a highly-anticipated event in the industry.

The partnership merges AML's marketing experience with TensileMill's innovative approach to tensile preparation. It creates optimal solutions for manufacturing, educational facilities, and government institutions. The partnership provides consumers with a synergy of products and services. The comprehensive range of products for tensile testing needs comes with a reasonable price.

AML Instruments' strategic partnership with TensilleMill CNC Inc. is consistent with its mission. AML promises to provide outstanding customer service across the European countries. Not only did the two companies work together to provide quality tensile equipment. They also bring their products and services closer to their target clients.

This strategic partnership of AML Instruments and TensileMill CNC Inc. partnership has created a stronger base for both businesses. It allows them to stay true to their promise to provide consistent support to their clients. Never has a business partnership been this beneficial to both the companies and their customers.

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